Jordan Industrial Petrochemical Co. Ltd. ( JIPCO ), a private share holding company founded in 1981, started manufacturing a variety of high quality chemical products in the fields of Aerosol products, Including Insecticides, Public Health Pesticides, Liquid Detergents, Degreasers, Solvents, Thinners for paints & printing inks, Adhesives, Hair care products, Skin care products. 

Yet, JIPCO specialized in the production of High Quality Aerosol products branded and private labeled, Licensed and Contract filled, utilizing its fully automatic lines and still have extra production capacity available for contract filling your own products in case needed.

JIPCO’s plant & facilities comply with the international Standards for the industry, the American & European standards, the ASME & NFPA codes, and the Jordanian laws & regulations besides being ISO 9002 & ISO 14001 certified.
JIPCO also represents international well-known companies in the field of infrastructure projects e.g pipelines for potable water, waste water, oil & gas, rails network etc. 

We, JIPCO together with our customers, always strive to accomplish a joint mission :- The highest level of service ensuring quality product delivered on time at a fair price. By listening to your needs, continually refining and improving our capabilities, we bring integrity, flexibility, high quality, and performance together as one party.